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Interview with Polish journalist detained by Israeli commandos

Ewa Jasiewicz and Israeli policeman

Polish-British journalist and human rights activists, a memeber of the Free Gaza Movement, Ewa Jasiewicz was detained after Israeli commandos attacked the Freedom Flotilla on its way to Gaza.

Almost two weeks ago, Israeli Navy attacked a convoy of six ships carrying humanitarian assistance to Gaza, killing nine and wounding around twenty pro-Palestinian activists.

Among the human rights activists in the convoy was a Polish-British journalist, a memeber of the Free Gaza Movement, Ewa Jasiewicz. She was briefly detained after the Israeli raid.

She is now in Poland and interviewing her for News from Poland, Michal Kubicki asked her first about the goal of their action.

Click on this link to listen to the interview.



2 German MP’s File Complaint Against Israel

Saturday, 12 June 2010 12:22 Added by PT Editor Omar Ghraieb

1271081239Berlin, June 12, (Pal Telegraph) The German general prosecution is currently looking into a complaint filed by two riot Germans and a human rights activist on the commission of the Israeli entity of war crimes during the aggression on the ship “Marmara” the largest among the naval vessels of freedom about two weeks ago.

The magazine “Der Spiegel” indicated that the German MPs Annette Groth and Inge Höger, who filed the case were on board of the ship “Marmara” at the time the Israeli navy attacked it, although the humanitarian convoy was aimed at breaking the siege on the Gaza Strip, imposed four years ago.

The human rights activist Norman Peach sided with MPs, belonging to the left, on their filed complaint against “Israel”, and included the arbitrary arrest and the attack against civilians, which will put it up to the degree of war crimes.

They pointed out that at 5:10 am on may 31 they heard the captain saying the IOF soldiers were on board of the ship, and an hour later the German citizens were detained on board the ship like the others, and their belongings and luggage were inspected thoroughly by the IOF.

Groth added that the IOF did not allow them to communicate with the Embassy of Germany in “Israel” only after nine in the morning.

They both told the reporters upon their return to their country that the aggression was as if a war took place, while described the attack as a ” barbaric crime “.


Unite to rescue Gazans from Israel, world urged

By Mahtab Bashir

ISLAMABAD: Palestinian Ambassador to Pakistan Hazem Hussain Abu Shanab on Monday said that an international resolution is needed to condemn the brutal action of Israeli commandos on the Gaza-bound aid flotilla in which nine peace activists were killed and several others wounded. He said the cooperation of OIC, UNO, EU and Arab League was required in this regard.

“I want to convey the voice of millions of Palestinians who become hostage by ruthless Israeli forces,” he said, addressing a joint news conference with Pakistani journalist Syed Talat Hussain who was given welcome reception by National Press Club (NPC).

Extending solidarity on behalf of Palestinian nation, the envoy thanked Pakistani government, journalists and people who anyhow were supporting freedom movement of Palestine.

“Today we are celebrating the freedom of 700 hostages of aid flotilla from the occupation Israeli army. The entire Palestinian nation was waiting of to celebrate their freedom from the occupation of same brutal force,” Shanab said.

The people of Palestine wanted ’freedom’ like people of other sovereign nations were enjoying. We are human beings. We want peace, we love peace and we want only freedom from Israel occupation not aid from international community, he added.

Palestinian Ambassador also announced that following the special directives issued by President Mehmood Abbas, honorary nationality has been awarded to Pakistan journalist Syed Talat Hussain.

Talat Hussain while narrating the ruthless action of Israeli commandos on freedom flotilla said the event was horrific and hostages had to face humiliation they never come across. He rejected the Israeli allegations that all on board were terrorist and said all the 700 passengers on heading towards Palestine were peacekeepers from across the glob. “one can easily judge the miseries of Palestinians that we witnessed for one and half hour” he deplored.

Talat announced that the victims of flotilla aid ships have decided to sue Israel for meting inhuman and barbaric action in the limits of international territory.

“we are ready to produce eye witness accounts to the international courts against the Israeli forces” he said.

The members of National Press Club, Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), and Rawalpindi-Islamabad Union of Journalist (RIUJ) congratulated their fellow journalist Syed Talat Hussain for his firm stance against the Israel’s barbarism and his safe return.


Gaza Flotilla Testimony of Alex Harrison | Palestine Solidarity Campaign meeting | London | Jun 9

Henning Mankell, Wallander author and Gaza Flotilla witness, speaks out

Mankell Henning Mankell, the renowned Swedish crime writer and author of the Wallander series, was on board the Sophia, which formed part of the Gaza Flotilla, when Israeli commandos raided the ship.

Speaking at a press conference in Berlin after spending 24 hours in an Israeli cell, Mankell accused the Israelis of “going out to commit murder” and says he witnessed the shooting an elderly passenger with a stun gun.

Mankell described how he was woken at 4am and told that the ship Mavi Marmara was under attack.

Passengers on the Sophia could see helicopter spotlights and hear weapons firing. They couldn’t find out exactly what was happening because communication had been stopped by the Israeli military.

Then, at 4.35am, the Israelis attacked the Sophia. Passengers and crew had decided not to resist, and stood on the bridge. Masked commandos landed, carrying submachine guns and forced them all below deck.

“We had elderly people among us, who perhaps weren’t so quick on their feet,” says Mankell. “One of them was shot in the arm with an stun gun and he fell to the floor in pain. Another man was hit with a rubber bullet and also fell to the floor.”

The soldiers then searched the ship. After a while they came back and said they had found weapons. “We said, ‘What weapons? There aren’t any weapons on board this ship.’

“Then they showed us a wet razor—my razor. Then they showed us a little knife from the kitchen, which the Egyptian cook used to open provisions.”

“When we got to land, something happened that I will never forget. One after the other, we were led into a prison—we had to run a gauntlet between two lines of soldiers.

“The soldiers never identified themselves but they filmed us the whole time, though Geneva Convention forbids treating civilians like this.

“And I can testify that they stole everything I had. They stole my camera, my phone, my money, my credit card, my clothes—everything.

“A policeman said to me, ‘Either we’ll deport you or you’ll go to prison.’

“I asked, ‘What am I accused of?’ He said, ‘You have entered Israel illegally.’

“I replied, ‘What are you talking about? I was kidnapped and forced to come here’.”

Mankell angrily rejects accusations that people who protest against Israel are anti-Jewish.

“I’m not an antisemite. I am against the current policy of Israel towards the Palestinians. I’m against it, because it’s a kind of apartheid. I was against apartheid in South Africa and I’m against apartheid today.”

“I prefer not to be one of the useful idiots who sit around and cynically assert that solidarity isn’t worth anything. I’d rather not belong among them.”

Mankell vowed to continue the fight to free Palestine.

“This time we came with six ships, and we’ve seen the Israeli reaction,” he said. “But what if we came back in a year with a hundred ships? What would Israel do? Bomb us?

“Wouldn’t it be a better idea for Israel to lift the blockade?”


‘Cameramen, press photographers and reporters were mistreated’

Published Friday 11/06/2010 (updated) 12/06/2010 01:27

Bethlehem – Ma’an – Reporters Without Borders continues to deplore the Israeli military’s use of video footage seized from journalists during its raid on the Gaza-bound humanitarian flotilla on 31 May.

Several video sequences have been posted by the Israel Defense Forces on YouTube, where they are described as “video taken on the Gaza flotilla.” The seizure and use of video without permission from the news media concerned constitute a serious violation of journalistic ethics, Reporters Without Borders maintains.

What follows is a transcript of a Reporters Without Borders interview with Muna Shester of the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), who was aboard the flotilla. He is now back in Kuwait, where he was reached by telephone:

What happened during the raid?

The men were on the deck of the boat and the women were below. The attack began on the deck. The KUNA photographer, Ali Abou Hamad, took photos of the raid. He was not attacked. Very quickly, there was panic and confusion. Cameramen, press photographers and reporters were mistreated because they were filming or taking photos of the raid. I remember a photographer who spoke up, criticising the soldiers. He was taken to one side and beaten. I could hear his cries.

Were you identified as journalists?

The print media were not visually identified. We did not have press vests. But the broadcast media journalists had them. So they were identifiable.

The soldiers then regrouped us on the deck. We were searched and handcuffed, and then we were left in the sun for five hours. We were not allowed to go to the toilet.

Did the soldiers prevent you from working?

Yes, of course. In fact, when we were reassembled on the deck of the boat, we were not allowed to bring our personal effects with us, except passports and money. We no longer had our mobile phones or any way of communicating or filming. They promised to give our things back to us, but they were lying.

How were you treated in the Be’er Scheva detention centre?

We were treated all right. Soldiers gave us food to eat. We were nonetheless anxious about what was going to happen next. I was deported on 2 June, after being held for two days. I was taken by bus to Jordan and then I caught a plane to Kuwait.