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Chilean Activist denies that “Freedom Flotilla to bear arms

Thursday June 3, 2010

Kimberly Soto Aguayo

SANTIAGO .- The Chilean activist Kimberly Soto Aguayo, who was released by Israel yesterday after being arrested for participating in the “Freedom Flotilla” bound for the Gaza Strip when he was assaulted by Israeli soldiers, denied today that the convoy had weapons.

Everything is a lie,” said Soto Aguayo told Radio Cooperativa. Soto Aguayo told Radio Cooperativa. “We had food, books, wheelchairs, mobile homes,” She added.

The activist, who works with Palestinian NGOs-grupperna, was detained for two days in jail of Elah, in the city of Beer Sheba, and yesterday was deported along with other activists who were detained in the Israeli raid that killed nine .”

We had food, books, wheelchairs, mobile homes,” she added.

Aguayo Soto is already in Sweden, where she lives, after leaving Israel on board one of the six Turkish aircraft were ready to move to the deportees.

The Chilean also gave details of how Israel’s assault took place and indicated that at the time of arrival of the soldiers, she was in the ship’s deck that accompanied the “Mavi Marmara, the ship where the deceased were recorded.

“A couple of minutes after we were attacked us too, from both sides of the boat came with their lances and soldiers, who fired us,” said Soto Aguayo.

The activist stressed that the mission of the trip was to bring relief to the people of Gaza”, but stressed that all the passengers in the fleet “knew the risks involved.”

“However we believe that what we were doing was on our right and we thought that Israel would think,” she concluded.