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Kenza Isnasni, 23, has seen her parents die. Their crime: being foreigners. Her fight: never allow that.

Kenza Isnasi
On May 7, 2002, a racist crime shook the Belgian public.The murderer is an active member of the Vlaams Blok, the extreme right party in BelgiumThe victims were a couple of Moroccan immigrants.They leave behind five children. She was their only daughter. Kenza Isnasni was 19 years old then.Since then she has continued to campaign against xenophobia and differences, in memory of his two parents, victims of intolerance of some and the silence of others.

Kenza is a “third generation” as we used to say.His grandfather and his father, born in Belgium, moved to Europe in search of Eldorado. Like many, his father went to his mother’s side of origins. “My parents had nothing cliche classic North African immigrants.. They were open and dreamed for us high school, “she summed up simply.Arriving in Belgium, her mother took literacy classes and passed his driver’s license. . As for his father, he works as it is supposed to do, open the walls and do not ask questions. . Do not deny that for his children are entitled to a different school than “guettos, decent housing …” We live in a very cosmopolitan, but nice people, nothing to do with the warm Parisian suburbs.The only problem was our apartment, too small and mostly unhealthy. That was why we moved to a nearby town. A common right and even the extreme right, which will be the scene of a brutal murder, a dark epilogue history and prelude to a struggle that is far from won.


“I finished my studies in pediatric nurse and it was nearly two years and the regional housing Belgium we had found an apartment. It was a kind of welfare that we have been waiting five years. ” . They move and get to know their neighbor, “Belgo-Belgian,” as she says, but more remote.. The months pass and people start to speak. Many households have left that apartment in recent years. The neighbor in question is an outspoken racist and does not take long to exercise the tare. In the silent contempt after verbal attacks that become front. Police and Housing Branch, alerted several times, throw the hot potato and is the drama.”He entered the apartment, shot my two little brothers who took refuge in my parents’ bedroom where he followed them while pouring gasoline on the floor and walls. I heard my mother make a final prayer, then another shot and nothing more. ” The flames ravage the apartment. “This is another neighbor who came to get me on the balcony. Outside, the crowd gathered and the police did not know what to do.. My father died instantlyMy mother was shot several times. The affair caused a stir. The entire Belgian political and Moroccan officials are present. Kenza Isnasni greet his parents in front of thousands of people gathered for an official funeral. A discourse without anger but forgiveness. . “That day, I grew up. I do not want the death of my parents is the subject of any recovery of anyone. She says, without being quiet serene, his eyes misty but without a tear, pain and struggle. “I left my nursery nurse training and began studying communications and create an association that will soon emerge and be headquartered in the same apartment where my parents were murdered. Broken the game interviews as that of memory, his ideas are clear: “The crime begins with the words and Racism kills.There has been progress since then but the road remains long. I will spend my life. ”

1983 : Birth of Kenza Brussels
2000 : She started studying childcare
2002 : Her parents are murdered by their neighbor Belgium
2003 : She chose the path of activism and started to study communication
2006: The Association called “Better Living Together”


Flotilla two Belgians present on the fleet back in Belgium

06.06.10 – 19:04 06.06.10 – 19:04

The last two Belgians who were aboard a boat in the fleet humanitarian arraisonnée by Israel arrived Sunday afternoon at around 17:00 in Belgium. A welcoming committee of over a hundred people waiting at the Brussels Airport.

The two young women took a flight from Istanbul, where they spent several days with the families of Turkish victims.

“”I am very excited to see all this mobilization and I thank everyone who supported us,” said Kenza Isnasni in tears. Still reeling from the events, the two young women do not want to talk about what they saw and experienced there. “We did not expect at all that happened, things happened so fast and we did not stand back and to put words to everything. It’s very difficult for us to manage all these emotions, “said Fatima El Mourabiti.

Very emotionally affected on the two Belgians have nevertheless retained their fighting spirit. “. “This is just the beginning, the beginning of the end, and things are just beginning. I hope to see many things change. The world knows now who was to do,” Fatima El Mourabiti yet indicated.

In total, five Belgians were on the ship boarded by Israeli forces.