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Flotilla two Belgians present on the fleet back in Belgium

06.06.10 – 19:04 06.06.10 – 19:04

The last two Belgians who were aboard a boat in the fleet humanitarian arraisonnée by Israel arrived Sunday afternoon at around 17:00 in Belgium. A welcoming committee of over a hundred people waiting at the Brussels Airport.

The two young women took a flight from Istanbul, where they spent several days with the families of Turkish victims.

“”I am very excited to see all this mobilization and I thank everyone who supported us,” said Kenza Isnasni in tears. Still reeling from the events, the two young women do not want to talk about what they saw and experienced there. “We did not expect at all that happened, things happened so fast and we did not stand back and to put words to everything. It’s very difficult for us to manage all these emotions, “said Fatima El Mourabiti.

Very emotionally affected on the two Belgians have nevertheless retained their fighting spirit. “. “This is just the beginning, the beginning of the end, and things are just beginning. I hope to see many things change. The world knows now who was to do,” Fatima El Mourabiti yet indicated.

In total, five Belgians were on the ship boarded by Israeli forces.


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