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Archbishop Capucci: Israeli Aggression Uncovered Israel’s Racism and Fascism

Jun 04, 2010

Syrian Flotilla Passengers

Daraa, southern Syria (SANA) – The four Syrian supporters who have joined the Freedom Flotilla, which was attacked by the Israeli occupation forces, arrived on Wednesday in Nasib border center in Daraa, southern Syria, and were met by a massive popular and official reception.

The four supporters are Archbishop of Jerusalem in exile Hilarion Capucci, Shaza Barakat, Mohammad Satalah and Hassan Rifai.

Archbishop Capucci said in a statement that he was brutally attacked by the occupation forces who handcuffed him and that one of the soldiers tried to throw him to the ground, saying that the occupation soldiers are immoral.

He pointed out that the Israeli aggression uncovered Israel’s racism and fascism, and that the supporters headed to Gaza to show Israel’s racist reality and lift the siege.

Archbishop Capucci pointed out that this is second time he joined supporters on a ship to break the siege on Gaza, and that the Israeli occupation soldiers had also attacked them the first time, affirming that he and the participants will continue their attempts until the siege on Gaza is lifted.

He affirmed that the Palestinians will return to a free and independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, saying that Israel’s strength is relative and not absolute.

He called for achieving Palestinian unity of ranks.

For her part, Shaza Barakat said the supporters participated in breaking the siege and were not afraid despite knowing that the Israeli occupation forces will attack the peace flotilla, adding that the Israelis treated her with brutality and violence.

“This blood on the shawl I’m wearing is the blood of a Turkish martyr… there were Turkish martyrs that were thrown into the sea immediately after they were killed by israeli soldiers,”

she said, affirming solidarity with the people of Gaza.

Barakat said negotiations for releasing them were very quick, adding “an Israeli guard said that we caused a major problem for Israel… they showed fear from this.”

She concluded by affirming her strong confidence and hope in the people and in the stances of President Bashar al-Assad in support of the resistance.

In turn, Hassan Rifai said the Israeli decision to attack the supporters was made in advance, as there were dozens of martyrs and victims within half an hour, adding that the occupation soldiers fired directly at supporters, killing two immediately with shots to the head.

“Those who came from Syria to participate in the Freedom Flotilla walked the path of resistance and determination consolidated by President Bashar al-Assad, not only in Syria, but on the Arab, Islamic and international levels,” he said.

For his part, Mohammad Satalah expressed satisfaction over what the supporters achieved, noting that the world reacted positively to the human condition of the supporters who were brutally attacked by Israel.

H. Sabbagh / Al-Ibrahim

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