The Swedes have landed at Arlanda

Flotilla Swedes

They are tired and dazed, but relieved to be home.

Dror Feiler

– The last two hours last night, I was worried that they would leave me alone. Police in Israel showed such hatred towards me, “says the artist Dror Feiler.

Today at 16.20 landed the last seven Swedes from using the convoy In Gaza. They flew to Istanbul late in the night with over 500 activists who had been detained in Beer Sheva Elafängelset in southern Israel.

Taking on board the aircraft was Dror Feiler, Matthias Gardell, Edda Manga, Amil Sarsour, Kimberly Soto Aguayo, Saman Ali and Henry Ascher.

They hug each other again and again. Browsing in newspapers from around the world to know what has been written about their relief work.
Friends for life

Amil Sarsour

– We knew each other before in this. Now, what we have been friends throughout their lives, “says Amil Sarsour.

Finally the plane came into Dror Feiler and Henry Ascher. All seven of the champagne toast and orange juice to celebrate that they are now free.

Their passports were stolen from them at the prison in Beer Sheva, says they.
Henry Ascher

– I got confirmation that they took my passport in prison. But before I could fly from Tel Aviv, they forced me to sign a paper certifying that the passport disappeared. Given what the Israelis did before with stolen passports, it feels unpleasant, “says pediatrician Henry Ascher.

Dror Feiler has always been kept isolated from the rest of the Swedes. He says that the soldiers pointed him out as soon as they got on the ship.

– They harassed me and took my film camera. When I wanted a receipt, they said to me that I had no rights. They pushed me down on the floor and let me sleep with her arms tied and face down at the floor, “he says.

Emptied his pockets

The tents in the Ashdod port in which vessels were in the country but Dror Feiler take off all clothes and jewelry. They emptied his pockets of everything, “he says.

– They did a full body search with all that implies, and then they interrogated me for hours. They had all my phone numbers and to my wife.

When he came to Elafängelset he was put in solitary confinement for 48 hours. He pleaded to see his lawyer Gaby Lasky.

– I am threatened with hunger, but I did not see her anyway. In one days I ate nothing.

When all detained activists were flown home last night it seemed that long to Dror Feiler would not get along. He was taken away and was finally on the last plane has left Israel.

– They seem to have such a hatred of us. When I saw the policemen and guards in the passport control treated us, I was terrified. They are brainwashed.

The Swedes said they first received a document in which they would write that they have illegally into Israel, was later revised the wording in the documents.

At half past five in the morning, after the Turkish planes landed at Istanbul’s airport, the Swedes were entitled to a medical center in conjunction with the more than 500 activists who were flown to Turkey after they had been imprisoned in Elafängelset in southern Israel. Outside thousands of people met them with cheers and flowers.
Fantastic support

– It was great to meet people’s support. We woke up in jail and less than one day later, people throwing flowers for us in Turkey. It is unlikely, “says Henry Ascher.

All that came with the Turkish plan of Tel Aviv had their injuries documented and they could retrieve their luggage. But not all Swedes say they have lost the very personal possessions.

Apart from two sessions of all electronic devices such as cell phones, cameras and computers away.

– It is the systematic theft, “says Dror Feiler.

On the plane home was also tired. The Swedish activists have tried to get some sleep before it’s time to meet with relatives.

– In prison, we never sleep more than one and a half hours at a time, “says Mattias Gardell.

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