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Gardell to start legal proceedings against Israel

Mattias Gardell
Peace activist Mattias Gardell will start a legal process against the State of Israel for the fatal shootings at the convoy In Gaza. Han anser att aktivisterna hade rätt att försvara sig mot det militära angreppet och avvisar alla påståenden om att vapen använts mot soldaterna. He believes that activists had a right to defend itself against military attack and rejects claims that the weapons used against soldiers.

Mattias Gardell and another six peace activists from the Ship to Gaza, arrived at Heathrow just after four on Thursday.
Parts of the arrivals hall had been blocked off to relatives and sympathizers would be able to welcome them. Many had flowers and banners with them. When the seven came they were met with hugs and kisses. After breaking all barriers and the arrival hall was transformed into a political demonstration in which many shouted “Long live Palestine.”

Mattias Gardell, professor of religious history at Uppsala University and one of the initiators of the convoy In Gaza, was very upset about the treatment peace activists have been subjected. He accused the Israeli army for having “killed” nine persons.

– They used an extremely violent as directly contrary to international law. We will notify police Israelis kidnapping, theft and assault. We will also start a process at the International Court in The HagueWe want an independent investigation into what happened, “

he says.

Mattias Gardell was on the Turkish flagged ship in which nine people were killed by Israeli soldiers. He confirmed that peace activists defended themselves with sticks and other weapons when the commandos tried to board the ship.

– It began shooting and throwing on board various types of light and smoke grenades to scare us.The first statement, the attempt failed by spraying with powerful water hoses on the soldiers from the boat. Then they changed tactics and came with helicopters from the air,”

he says.

Activists managed to take away from some soldiers their weapons.

– The discarded and not used against soldiers who the Israelis claim, “

says Mattias Gardell.

But you took to violence was ten Ship Gaza would be a peace mission, is not it a problem?

– We came in peace with no arms and was attacked in international waters. Then it is clear that we have the right to defend ourselves.The Israeli military had weapons, warships and munitions. Not us. Our load and it has been on board were well documented before we left port. One would have to make do with checking the ship, “

says Mattias Gardell.

He himself was not a witness to the boarding but saw parts of what was going through cameras from a media center on the boat and he saw the dead and injured afterwards.

Amil Sarsour
Amil Sarsour who heads Uppsala Palestinian groups came from what happened next to a smaller ship, which also took place.

– It felt such a sense of powerlessness. Two boats with 33 soldiers took over our ship, which had 45 people. Some tried to protect the captain but he was put down with rifle butts. We were peaceful and came up with cement and wheelchairs in the hold, “

he says.

Some believe that your support will strengthen Hamas in Gaza and that there were Hamas supporters in the boats?

– It is said that Hamas is Hamas is here and there. It’s just nonsense. On our boat there were people from many countries. Three of them were American Jews, “

says Amil Sarsour who is willing to try to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip again if the opportunity offered.

Right now he thinks that it is good to be home again. But he secures the nine who lost their lives and hope that their deaths should not be in vain.

Mattias Gardell believe that the action put the focus on the blockade.

– It is politically created, and requires a political solution. Anyone who respects international law must recognize it, “

he says.

Av: Lennart Lindström lennart.lindstrom@unt.se

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